About Us

For over 30 years, Boykoff Investigations, a licensed and insured investigative agency has provided quality investigative services to private clients and the legal community.

David Boykoff recognizes the value of having a full service agency–competitively priced–continually keeping updated on the most recent informational technology. David enhances his professional investigative skills by taking advanced continuing educational courses.

His expertise includes; assisting criminal defense attorneys, sophisticated surveillance techniques,and all phases of accident investigation.

David Boykoff prides himself in his ability to handle the most sensitive and difficult cases. One such case dates back to 1982. In this particular case, his client was a Los Angeles police officer accused of murder for hire. The charges were serious and David recognized his commitment that every defendant deserves a fair and just trial. During the intense penalty phase two choices were left for the jury to decide; life without parole, or death. Through David’s professional effort, the defendant was kept off of death row. His role in this case is featured in the novel “Dark Side of the Force”.

His high profile clients appreciate the professional discretion Mr. Boykoff uses. Through hard work, detailed analysis and his ability to provide cost effective services, Boykoff Investigations has grown into a well recognized business entity-serving clients locally and internationally.

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