Criminal Investigations

We have conducted criminal investigations over a thirty-year period. Each case is handled on a individual basis with professional concern devoted to all phases of the investigation. We fully understand the gravity and importance that your case deserves. We want the most equitable decisions reached for your case.

Our experience includes investigation involving charges ranging from petty theft to capitol cases. With that in mind, we are careful to make sure that complete attention to detail is implemented. We, as you do, want a successful verdict.

David Boykoff has been certified as a “Mitigation Specialist” by the Presiding Judge of the Central District in Los Angeles. He has conducted nearly 20 investigations for the guilt phase and the penalty phase in Special Circumstance cases in over a twenty-five year period

Skip Traces

We at Boykoff Investigations have spent almost the past three decades honing our professional skills. The key component to finding even the most challenging locates, deadbeat creditors, wanted criminals, elusive spouses hiding from financial obligations, or an important witness or defendant, is the resourcefulness of a qualified investigator. We, at Boykoff Investigations, have spent the past two decades honing our professional skills. We have access to reliable, cost-effective, and timely informational sources. With our sources, we are able to develop information on a subject that most other investigators are unable to obtain. We have been successful in locating people throughout the world.

Attorneys, as well as private clients, refer to Boykoff Investigations, as their headquarters for missing clients, defendants,
and witnesses.

We make this guarantee: We are so confident in our ability to locate your skip, in most cases a fee will not be charged unless the skip is located.

Asset Searches

Recently, our government has placed new restrictions on obtaining certain types of financial information, including bank accounts and certificates of deposit, yet asset searches remain an important and beneficial avenue for those in the legal community. While ensuring that we do everything possible to keep within the legal strictures of current regulations, Boykoff Investigations’ many resources enable us to conduct the most thorough and expeditious searches possible.

We have been able to legally locate bank accounts others cannot find. We have been successful in locating seemingly "un-collectable" accounts". Our services can enable you to locate brokerage accounts, real property, motor vehicles, business equipment, employment income, and attachable assets. We also conduct thorough searches of business entities (other services also available).


Since 1979 Boykoff Investigations has performed surveillance within a variety of specialized areas:

• Worker’s Compensation Claims
• Insurance Fraud
• Child custody Cases
• Marital infidelity
• Employee Productivity

Boykoff Investigations primarily uses surveillance investigators with extensive experience. Our thorough understanding in the field of surveillance allows us to provide our clients with well-researched and verified facts thereby allowing them to make the most informed, credible decisions possible. These efforts translate not only into monetary savings for our clients, but the avoidance of unwanted aggravation and loss of valuable time.

Personal Injury

The Boykoff Investigative agency has been conducting personal injury investigations since 1979. Thirty years of experience in obtaining statements, intersection and vehicle photos, diagrams and measurements. Prior to obtaining each telephonic and written statement, pre-interview time is spent with the witness in order to make sure they provide an accurate account of what they witnessed.

Our proven track record reflects our ability to successfully obtain statements from most defendants. We pride ourselves in providing our client with cost efficient and informative statements.


A poorly chosen employee can not only negatively impact the efficiency of an entire department and cost the firm money but also create a bad reputation in the industry and cause a potential loss of clients. Boykoff Investigations understands the benefits of a invaluable employee-not only for employee productivity, but as well for company moral. Our pre-employment screening searches for criminals, civil litigation, confirms educational background, and provides credit scores. Most pre-empolyment screenings can be completed in 24 hours (other services also available)

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