"I am an anchorwoman at Court TV where I host "Closing Arguments" live every day. As such I am seen by millions of people weekly and I take controversial stands on major public issues such as the death penalty, child abuse, battered wives, etc. A situation developed where an obsessed fan was harassing me, and I did not know who to call. Dave immediately took up the case and within days Dave obtained valuable information about the fan which enabled us to quickly put into place a plan of action. Within two weeks Dave gave me a detailed assessment of the fan's life and fa mily history, mental health and criminal status and other important information. I give my highest recommendation to Dave Boykoff for any security or investigative needs you may have."

– Lisa Bloom

"Mr. Boykoff and his staff are focused on paying close attention to relevant details. David's knowledge of the law, and his applications, are outstanding. Boykoff Investigations is without doubt a result orientated agency."

– David Kestenbaum, Prosecutor Emeritus

Kestenbaum Eisner Gorin Criminal Defense Law Firm Southern California Attorneys

"Boykoff Investigations has provided consistent and accurate information regarding statements and investigations, more so than any other investigative agency that I have used in my thirty plus years as a personal injury attorney. I can trust them with all my professional needs including; service of process, photos, statements skip traces, and asset searches."

– William J. Koontz, Attorney

"Boykoff Investigations has been able to locate sequestered funds that otherwise would have been undetected. Mr. Boykoff's tenacious professional approach leaves no stone unturned. He gets the job done and done well. His work has uncovered assets in divorce proceedings that has benefited my clients time and time again."

– Roger Rombro, Family Law Attorney, Los Angeles

"I have used investigators for years, and Boykoff Investigations is tops in the field. They have found individuals that no one else was able to locate. Cases that we considered dropping, Boykoff Investigations turned into dollars for the client, and accolades for our office."

– Paul Zuckerman, Carpenter and Zuckerman

"In my forty year career as a criminal defense attorney, I have never seen anyone more tenacious and thorough as David Boykoff. He is by far the best criminal defense investigator I have known. His professional skills have enabled my clients to obtain more equitable verdicts."

– Jack Stone, Criminal Defense Attorney

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